Vote 2013: Garland Mayoral Election Candidates

By Asia World Media

Vote 2013: Garland Mayoral Election Candidates
A mayoral election, along with council district candidates, will be held in the City of Garland on May 11, 2013
As the City of Garland Mayor Ronald E. Jones’s third term draws to an end this year, it is imperative that whoever succeeds him as Mayor commits to stimulating economic growth for the City of Garland. Mayoral leadership is at the heart of the progress that Garland has made and will be certainly looking to see the sense of vision and commitment in the candidates running for this important office.
The next Mayor must maintain and must continue to update the issues of economic development, community diversity, public safety, and education for the future growth of the City of Garland.

Garland Mayor and District Council Election on May 11, 2013
Candidate Name                                 Position
Larry Jeffus                                                Mayoral Candidate
Douglas Athas                                           Mayoral Candidate
Harry Hickey                                             Mayoral Candidate
Delores Elder-Jones                                Mayoral Candidate
Lori Barnett Dodson                               Council District 6 Candidate
John Kirby                                                Council District 7 Candidate
Scott LeMay                                             Council District 7 Candidate

Front Row (Sitting)-Left to Right: John Kirby, Scott LeMay, Harry Hickey, Larry Jeffus, Delores Elder-Jones, Douglas Athas