Updates: Essay Contest

March 1, 2016

The Announcement From The VIETNAMERICA Documentary Film Supporting Group  

Essay Contest – In Arlington and Dallas

To encourage young people to learn about their heritage as Vietnamese Americans, we are organizing a writing contest. The contestant will write an essay giving their feedback of the VIETNAMERICA movie. This writing contest is sponsored by Lee’s Sandwiches. Please see the details as follows:

1.       Age limited: no older than 25 year old  and residing in Texas

2.       Language: Vietnamese or English are acceptable. The essay should be no longer than 1,500 words

3.       Timing: Please submit your essays by March 22, 2016 to Mr. Loc Thaiat i VIETV at: 1301 East Arapaho Suites 203. Richardson, TX. 75081

4.       There are 3 prizes: First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $300, 3rd Prize: $200

5.      The winner will be announced by April 7, 2016

6.       The date and place to receive the Award: The 2016 Remembrance of the Fall of Saigon, at the office of the Vietnamese -American Community of Greater Dallas at 3221 Belt Line Rd. Garland, Texas 75044

More information can be obtained by contacting  Mr. Loc Thai at: (469) 878- 9969, or email him at:<>


 Thông Báo của Ủy Ban Yểm Trợ Phim VIETNAMERICA

Cuộc thi viết Về phim VIETNAMERICA


Để khuyến khích các sinh viên, học sinh  tìm hiểu về nguồn gốc và lịch sử người Mỹ gốc Việt, Ủy Ban Yểm Trợ phim VIETNAMERICA tại Arlington và Dallas với sự bảo trợ của công ty Lee’s Sandwiches – Dallas sẽ tổ chức một cuộc thi viết về cảm tưởng sau khi xem phim VIETNAMERICA. Sau đây là những chi tiết về cuộc thi.

1.                  Điều kiện tuổi tác: Không quá 25 tuổi. Cư ngụ tại Texas.

2.                  Ngôn ngữ: Viết bằng tiếng Việt hoặc tiếng Anh. Bài viết không dài quá 1,500 chữ.

3.                  Ngày giờ nhận bài thi: bắt đầu từ ngày 22 tháng 2 tới ngày 22 tháng 3, 2016. Bài xin gửi   về ông Thái Hoá Lộc tại VIETV số 1301 East Arapaho Suites 203. Richardson, TX. 75081

4.                  Giải thưởng: Gồm 3 giải. Giải nhất $500, giải nhì $300 và giải ba $200

5.                  Ban tổ chức sẽ công bố người trúng giải vào ngày 7 tháng 4, 2016

6.                  Ngày phát giải thưởng sẽ là ngày:kỷ niệm QUỐC HẬN 2016 tại Trụ sở Cộng  Đồng Người Việt Quốc Gia Dallas tại số 3221 Belt Line Rd. Garland, Texas 75044.

Mọi chi tiết xin liên lạc với ông Thái Hoá Lộc. Điện thoại số: (469) 878- 9969, hoặc email:





Hello Anthony,

About us

VIETNAMERICA is a very special documentary movie that tells the story of the Vietnamese boat people’s journey to freedom.

Vietnamerica Documentary

The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) is pleased to announce the screening of the documentary film VIETNAMERICA at the AMC Theater at Arlington Park Mall at 3816 S. Cooper  St. Arlington at 2pm, 5pm, and  7pm on Saturday February 20, 2016. On Sunday February 21, 2016 VIETNAMERICA will be screened at AMC Theater at Firewheel Mall at 100 Coneflower Rd. Garland,  at 2 p.m, and 5 pm. Following the screening, there will be a Q & A session with the Producer, the Cast Members, and VAHF’s Members.

VIETNAMERICA was produced by the VAHF and Edwards Media. It is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of the flight for freedom of the Vietnamese American. After the Vietnam War, over 2 million Vietnamese people fled their homeland in search of freedom. Hundreds of thousands died even before reaching their destination. Forty years later, “VIETNAMERICA” follows martial arts Master Hoa Tien Nguyen’s return to Southeast Asia to search for the graves of his wife and two children. Having escaped on a boat with 75 of his family and friends, Hoa is the lone survivor. Throughout his return, Hoa and a diverse group of Vietnamese survivors as well as historical scholars explore the reasons for the Vietnamese diaspora. Today, Vietnamese Americans are the largest political refugee group in the United States”.

Master Nguyen’s story in VIETNAMERICA was submitted to international film festivals as a short 18 minute film titled MASTER HOA’S REQUIEM. To date, it has been selected to 15 film festivals throughout the world.  MASTER HOA’S REQUIEM has won five awards, including the Special Jury Remi Award, The Best Texas Production from WorldFest in Houston, Texas, and The Best Texas Production from Dallas International Film Festival. VIETNAMERICA has also been screened in Fountain Vally, California, Houston, Texas,  at The Marian Days 2015 in Missouri, Denver, Colorado, The Newseum in Washington DC, Austin, Texas, and New Orleans.

For more details, visit VIETNAMERICA’s  website at: