Thursday, April 15

Two Unique Documentaries about Two Individual Vietnamese

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Two wonderful documentaries are playing at the 45th Annual USA Film Festival and will be showing in Dallas, TX at the Angelica Film Center this Sunday, April 26, 2015, at 5pm.


Film one, ‘War Within the War’ directed by Courtney Marsh, is 28 minutes in total length and follows Chau, a 16-year-old boy living in a Vietnamese peace camp for kids disabled by Agent Orange, who battles with the reality of his dream to one day become an artist and professional clothing designer.  The film follows him within a span of 7 years to see where he starts and ends in trying to achieve his dream. It is a very uplifting film and is entirely in Vietnamese with English subtitles.
Here is a Preview of the Film: 
Master Hoa’s Last Requiem’  is a about a Vietnamese martial arts master in search of his dead wife’s grave, who returns 30 years later to SE Asia to the waters that claimed his wife and children in hopes of putting to rest his hellish past. This film is 17 minutes long. Here is the Preview of the Film:
The screening is FREE and it takes place on Sunday April 26th at 5pm at the Angelika Film Center, 7205 Bishop Road, Ste E6, Plano, TX 75024.
Because this is a free screening, you cannot reserve seats, so showing up 15-20 minutes before hand should be fine to guarantee a seat.
Director, Courtney Marsh, will be there greeting and answering questions before and after the show.