Friday, April 16

TVB actor Q Bobo forced to retire from showbiz due to rejection of SAR passport

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In No Good Either Way, Q Bobo plays an Indian living in HK and experiences discrimination during his job search. Unexpectedly in reality, he suspects he is also being discriminated. Q Bobo and his Indian wife have been married for 22 years and has been living in HK all along. Earlier his wife applied for a SAR passport, but for some unknown reason, the application was rejected.

TVB Indian actor Q Bobo (Gill Mohinderpaul Singh) is born and grew up in HK. At age 19, he went back to his hometown to marry his wife Gurinder Kaur Gill (arranged marriage). After marriage, he and his wife lived in HK. His 21 year old eldest son, Inderpal, is born in HK and his 9 year old youngest son Arvin was born in Scotland because that year conceded with the SARS epidemic.

Because youngest son Arvin has a medical condition on his spinal nerves, he has to be under long-term physiatry and do stretches to improve his condition, and on top of that he has ADHD. For better schools and living environment, Q Bobo made arrangements for him to start schooling in Scotland, and for the convenience of his wife flying back and forth to Scotland to look after the family, she applied for a SAR passport, but unfortunately got rejected. The reason is unclear, so Q Bobo is forced to immigrate with his family to Scotland. When he accepted this interview, he was very displeased by the situation.

Q Bobo said: “After I received the letter, I called the immigration department to ask, but they told me its confidential. I don’t even know what went wrong, can’t even apply even if I wanted to. In fact, I know a lot of Indians living in HK for less than 10 years and barely know any Cantonese, applied for a SAR passport and got approval, so I really don’t understand why I can’t get it.

My wife is in Scotland to look after my son now, but without a HK passport, we are forced to immigrate, but I must accompany my wife for the immigration. So, after my TVB contract ends April of next year (2013), I’ll be reporting to Scotland in August. By then, I will only have 30 days to be away from the country, so I will have to give up showbiz!”

Source: HKHeadline
Translated by: aZnangel @