Thursday, April 15

Wave Came

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Title:  The Day the Wave Came

The magnitude and destruction of a Tsunami is hard to comprehend. This minute-by-minute account reveals the human face of the 2004 tragedy.
A torrent of water sweeps through a street, destroying everything in its path. In the background, women are screaming. “I remember yelling ‘we’re all going to die, we’re all going to die'”, recalls one survivor. Hours earlier, meteorologist Smith Dharmasroja had desperately tried to get a warning out. When the wave struck Sri Lanka, Sulochana Perera attempted to rescue many drowning children, only to see her efforts dashed as the second bigger wave hit. This report reveals how events unfolded around the Indian Ocean: why no warnings were issued, survivors’ stories and what the impact has been on their shattered lives. Includes remarkable pictures of the Tsunami.