Texas Welcomes 24 International Pilot Students from China

Professor Bruce Jones going over flight plan training with the Chinese students. Photo by AsiaWorldMedia.com
By Anthony Tran, Asia World Media

Denton, TX (AsiaWorldMedia.com) – Half way around the world, the Chinese student pilots comes to prepare for a lifelong career in aviation, in America. Twenty four Chinese international student pilots from Capital, Shenzhen, Szhehuan and Tianjin Airlines are getting their flight trainings, by the US Aviation Academy at Denton Municipal Airport in Denton, Texas.

Future Chinese pilots can choose to train in the US, due to the United States as having the world’s gold standard in air safety and much less restrictive open airspace, as compared to China.  The students will train at the US Aviation Academy in Denton, Texas for ten months after which, they will return to China. Upon their return to their native country, the Chinese student pilots are unable to operate their respective company’s airplanes for at least six months, or often longer, depending on the companies they will be working for.  Due to heavy air restrictions in China, mainly for China’s military and government, the Chinese airlines will pay for the Chinese student pilot, to live and to learn to fly airplanes, in the United States.  Depending on the company, the student pilots are obligated for up to fifteen years to stay with that airline company, after their studies and pilot training in the US, as repayment for their training.

Pilot Student Demonstrating Radio Communication

On a windy Saturday morning, Yan Shi, one of the Chinese student pilot commented “We are so surprised to see many different planes available in one area.”  Not only do the Chinese pilot students learn about “flying languages”, but they also have the opportunity to sit in the various planes’ cockpit, to fly the planes themselves.  Some Chinese students are excited while others feel a tad of trepidation, in being able to fly a plane, for the first time in their lives.  Another Chinese student pilot gushes that “It’s such a great experience to be able to sit in a real plane and feel the turbulence while you are on the air. We do not get this type of experience in China.”

US Aviation Academy, a Texas flight school established in 2002, is recognized as one of the premiere aviation academies in the nation. US Aviation FAA 141 approved Flight School, are taught by qualified flight instructors and prepares the Chinese pilot students, depending on their track, for certifications in commercial, private, multi-engine rating, instrument rating, airline transport, and flight instructions.

From an international front, due to US Aviation Academy recognizable reputation and proven track record in the world and superior flight trainings, in preparing future pilots for all aspects of airline operations; US Aviation Academy is one of the very few dozen flight training academies in the world approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (GACC).  US Aviation Academy also have agreements with ShenZhen Airlines, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) and Airawat Aviation of India.

For international Chinese students who may experience language barrier during pilot training, the US Aviation Academy’s executive officers, management team and staff, including Professor Bruce Jones (Occupation Specific Linguistic – OSL), and Program Director Chris Ramey, are there to ensure that the trainings are world class, for the Chinese student pilots from China.

Professor Bruce Jones indicates that English language immersion of living in the US is crucial to the total success of the program.  English is the mandatory language of the US Aviation Academy.  Chinese students are not allowed to speak any Chinese language while they are studying at the Academy.  “They train for 152 hours in English alone” affirms OSL Professor, Bruce Jones. “Besides language, we use radios and runway maps to test them on how well they talk on the radios. We test them on decompression emergency procedures and spin recovery. During some “emergency” tests, I blow bubbles in the student’s faces to stimulate smoke in the cockpit.”

Professor Bruce Jones Demonstrating smoke in cockpit
by blowing bubbles

Professor Bruce Jones running map locations

“Even though there’s a little language barrier, we are thrilled to continue to train international students,” said Michael Lin, one of the flight instructor of US Aviation Academy. “I was with American Airlines before being recruited here.  We work hard to help the students achieve excellence in pilot training and safety as well as provide a positive life experience for them while they train with the US Aviation Academy at Denton Municipal Airport.”

Professor Bruce Jones joining Dinner with the Chinese Students

This article would not have been possible without the generous support of US Aviation Academy, Professor Bruce Jones, and Program Director Chris Ramey, as Asia World Media was granted a full day access to interview, and to view the Chinese student pilots, while they trained, for this special report.  For more information on US Aviation Academy, please visit www.usaviationacademy.com

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