Stereotypes Asians/Asian Americans at Ohio State

Twitter Account Stereotypes Asians/Asian Americans at Ohio State, Spurs New Account?

By of the PULSE

Editor’s Note: The Pulse is reporting the accounts of students that have experienced situations of hate on or off-campus.

According to the PULSE, a Twitter account using “OSU” in its description (@OSU_Asian), was discovered by several Ohio State students. The account stereotypes the Asian/Asian American  identity through a variety of posts that incorporate poor usage of the English language and perpetuate commonly held stereotypes in America about Asians/Asian Americans. As of Tuesday, May 1 there were 1,330 followers.

The owner of the account is unknown.

Several students and faculty are calling for the removal of the account. A Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART) report was filed and the BART team is in contact with the concerned.


A similar instance happened at Purdue University; one Twitter account (@Purdue_Asian) which uses “Purdue” in the identification, featuring a crude profile image and accompanying text, has not been removed despite students’ vocalized concerns.

A Twitter account with “OSU” in its description (@OSU_WhitePerson), themed on White male collegiate stereotyped behavior was discovered after it tweeted at the OSU_Asian account. It began tweeting today at several tweets per hour in the last 20 hours.

Some students have articulated concern that the sudden creation, frequency, and topics of the Tweets of @OSU_WhitePerson reveal that the account is either retaliation to the @OSU_Asian account or was generated to test the reaction to White stereotyping in the midst of a period when the idea of “White racism” has been used in political discussion to mitigate or counter discussion of historically-presently oppressed identities. Several Tweets from @OSU_WhitePerson allude to sexism, insensitivity, and the stereotyping of other races, along with repeatedly projecting stereotypes about white male collegiate drinking behavior.

Excerpt of ‘tweet at’:

OSU_Asian: Where is Oval beach I no can find it
@maniacgerman: sorry you can’t see if from the SEL LOL
@OSU_WhitePerson: @maniacgerman “sorry you can’t see if from the SEL lol,” High five bro!

A BART report was filed for the college white male stereotyping account.



If you are a student who is a victim of or witness to hateful harassment contact  Ohio State’s Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART) or University Police. If you have been a victim of a hateful experience, related to gender, sexuality, race, or another aspect of your identity and would like to share the account of this experience please contact The Pulse via email.