Return of the Condor Heroes (1983)

The Chinese’s version of Return of the Condor Heroes in 1983 with Andy Lau and Idy Chan is much better. It’s a little harder to find online. It’s an older classic romance series.
The Return of the Condor Heroes (Also known as The Giant Eagle and Its Companion and Divine Eagle, Chivalric Companion.) is a Wuxia novel by Louis Cha Leung-Yung ( Jin Yong), and the second part of the Condor Trilogy. It was first serialized on May 20, 1959 on Ming Pao and ran for about three years.
The story revolves around Yang Guo and his lover Xiaolongnü in their adventure in the Wulin fraternity, which does not approve of their taboo love between master and apprentice. The novel is set in mid-13th century at a time when the Song Dynasty was on the brink of demise. Hordes of Mongolian armies under the legacy of the late Khagan, Genghis Khan, raided their way across the northern plains, planning on conquering the Han empire of Song.
Jin Yong revised the novel in 1970 and again in 2004. There are 40 chapters in the 2nd and 3rd revisions of the novel. Each chapter has a four-character title. Most of the revisions are either clarifications or minor alterations of character motivations.
The protagonist, Yang Guo, is the orphaned son of the antagonist, Yang Kang, of the first novel. He is raised briefly by the couple Guo Jing and Huang Rong before being sent to the Quanzhen Sect for better guidance in moral values and orthodox martial arts. At Quanzhen, Yang is often picked on and bullied by his fellow students and his teacher Zhao Zhijing is biased against him. Yang flees and ventures unknowingly into the nearby Tomb of the Living Dead, where the Ancient Tomb Sect is housed. He is saved by Xiaolongnü, a mysterious maiden of unknown origin, and becomes her disciple. They live together in the tomb for many years until Yang grows up. By then, Yang sees Xiaolongnü more than merely his highly-respected teacher, as he has gradually developed romantic feelings for her.
However, their love is forbidden by societal laws in the Confucianist society of that time. Throughout the story, their love meets with several tests, such as the misunderstandings that threaten to tear them apart and the encounter with Gongsun Zhi. Finally, after their reunion and marriage, Xiaolongnü leaves Yang again, owing to her belief she cannot recover from a fatal poison, and promises to meet him again sixteen years later. While Yang is wandering the land alone, he meets several formidable pugilists and a giant Condor. His adventures gradually mould him into a courageous pugilist, whose prowess matches the Greats of his age. Yang serves his nation by helping the Han Chinese of Song defeat the Mongol invaders. At the end of the novel, he is finally reunited with Xiaolongnü and they are recognized as heroes.


Andy Lau as Yeung Guo
Idy Chan as Siu Long Nui
Lui Yau Wai as Lee Mok Sau
Bryan Leung as Kwok Jing
Susanna Au Yeung (歐陽佩珊) as Wong Yung
Annie Liu as Kwok Fu
Isabella Wong (黃曼凝) as Kwok Seung
Simon Yam as Ye Lut Chai
Amy Hu as Ye Lut Yin
Ken Tong as Fok Do
Cheung Lui as Kam Lun Faat Wong
Chun Wong as Chow Bak Tong
Lau Dan as Hung Chuk Gong
Ha Yu as Yau Chu Gai
Kenneth Tsang as Wong Yeuk Si
Wong Oi Ming (王愛明) as Ching Ying
Chan Fok San (陳復生) as Luk Mo Seung
Yeung Chak Lam (楊澤霖) as Au Yeung Fung
Lau Siu Ming as Yat Dang Daai Si
Kwong Chor Fai as Wan Chi Ping
Kam Kwok Wai (甘國衛) as Chiu Chi King
Felix Lok as Lei Chi Seung
Alex Man as Luk Lap Ding
Benz Hui as Gong Hsuan Chi
Helena Law as Kau Chin Chak
Yu Mo Lin as Suen Poh Poh
Ching Hor Wai as Suen Bat Yi
Leung Siu Chou (梁少狄) as Wong Chui Yat
Chan On Ying as Kuk So Gu
Regina Tsang (曾慶瑜) as Lau Ying
Richard Ng as Luk Goon Ying
Susanna Kwan as Lam Chiu Ying (cameo)

Producer:  Siu Sung