Thursday, April 15

OCA 38th National Convention

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Stars, Stars and more Stars!
From BD Wong to Zang Toi, this OCA National Convention features some of the biggest names in the Asian Pacific American (APA) community!  For the Welcome Reception, Baayork Lee, the original Connie Wong from the Chorus Line, will choreograph a Broadway Revue featuring Asian American performers, including Broadway veterans Christine Toy Johnson and Steven Eng.

OCA DFW meets OCA National at their 2011 annual convention, one of the premiere event for the Asian Pacific American (APA) community.  The theme of this year’s convention is “Advocacy Through Compassion – A New York State of Mind.” As OCA continues to move forward with its mission, the theme will focus on philanthropy and activism within the APA community.

The OCA National Convention has always sought to bring together members and supporters to discuss and learn of the important issues affecting the Asian Pacific American (APA) community.  At the Convention, young adult have an opportunity to attend the FREE Youth Leadership Day, while College students will convene and share regional and national issues for College Leadership Day.

OCA strived to educate about some of the more delicate issues that API community faces during the National Convention, like mental health, disabilities and domestic violence, with workshop panel “Advocating for the Unspoken and Underserved.”  At their Health Day session, OCA educate on the common health issues of the API community and what they can do to better care for their children and parents.

There are  “Small Business Development Track” on Saturday, dedicated for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic  well -being of Asian Pacific Americans since 1973, the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) is a national organization with over 80 chapters strong. OCA is committed to securing the rights of more than 10 million Asian Pacific American citizens and permanent residents, living in the United States, through legislative and policy initiatives at all levels of government.  For OCA 38th Anniversary National Convention in New York City this year, OCA National President Ken Lee stated the theme is ‘Advocacy Through Compassion – A New York State of Mind’ which focuses on philanthropy and activism, as well as showcasing the important work OCA does on behalf of the Asian Pacific American communities. In New York City, where Asian Pacific Americans makes up 13% of the population, and represents over 40 cultures and ethnic groups.

“Embracing the Hopes and Aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans”