Thursday, April 15

New Technology Restore 18th Century Chinese Pagoda in London

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3-D Printing Helps Restore 18th Century Chinese Pagoda

By Faith Lapidus, VOA News

Twenty-first-century technology has helped restore an 18th-century Chinese pagoda in the heart of London. On the story and narrator by Faith Lapidus.

The Chinese-owned company sponsors $5.6 million renovations of an 18th-century London tower believed to have been inspired by a 15th century Nanjing structure

The Great Pagoda at Kew Gardens in London will be restored to its 18th-century splendor and reopen to the public next year, after a major renovation based on its historic ties with China.

The conservation project, sponsored by a Chinese-owned company, was started this year by Historic Royal Palaces, which is responsible for the care and restoration of the pagoda in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

The project will see the pagoda returned to its original appearance, complete with green and white roofs, a gilded finial and 80 wooden dragons. It is sponsored by the House of Fraser department store, part of the Sanpower Group, which is headquartered in Nanjing.