Thursday, April 15

Mulan (2009 – Eng-sub)

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Watch Mulan (2009) [engsub].  Please allow appropriate time for video to load

Description: China 450AD, the dynasty was under constant threat from ruthless Rouran tribe. With such a major security threat at hand, the Chinese army conducted a nation wide draft. A retired soldier named Hua Hu insisted on enlisting again to serve his country. Mulan (starring Vicki Zhao Wei), his young daughter was intelligent and skilled in martial arts. But as a girl, she couldn’t be enlisted. Unable to bear the thought of her father suffering, Mulan got her father drunk, dressed as a boy and entered the army to take her father’s place. Through the harsh military training, Mulan proved to be a courageous and unstoppable, and always helped others to fend off the army. Now playing on DVD.

Jingle Ma, Wei Dong (director) / Ting Zhang (screenplay)
Wei Zhao … Hua Mulan
Jaycee Chan … Fei Xiaohu
Jun Hu … Modu
Kun Chen … Wentai
Rongguang Yu … Hua Hu
Jiao Xu … Young Hua Mulan
Vitas … Wude
Zhou Sun … Emperor
Yuxin Liu … Princess of Rouran