Miss Teen/Asian American Texas Pageant

On a clear and beautiful Saturday evening of August 3, 2013, North Texas residents gathered at the Dallas City Performance Hall anticipating the newly crown Miss Teen/Asian American 2013-2015.  Over 18 years, the MAATX celebrated Asian history, culture and heritage.

This year MAATX 2013-2015 roster consist of 19 ladies from 9 Asian ethnic countries; Linda Hoang (Candidate #1) representing the country of China, Kazandra Gabriel (Candidate #6), Noelle Dane (Candidate #7), Tara Harrington (Candidate #14) and Immalyn Cervantes (Candidate #19) representing the country of Philippines, Sasha Peshwani (Candidate #11) representing the country of India, Yvette Luong (Candidate #3), Edrea Au (Candidate #4) and Lisa Nguyen (Candidate #8) representing the country of Vietnam, Vicktoria Boutah (Candidate #12), Angeli Norng (Candidate #13) and Selena Sakun (Candidate #18) representing the country of Cambodia, Jennifer Lopez (Candidate #17) and Jacqueline Lopez (Candidate #15) representing the country of Indonesia, Keelarpaw Htun (Candidate #10) and Pah Hah (Candidate #9) representing the country of  Burma, Yeji Chung (Candidate #2) representing the country of South Korea, and Hannah Sansavath (Candidate #5) and Breanna Kalayaboon (Candidate #16) representing the country of Thailand.

As Aishwarya Raju retired her position as Miss Asian American Texas 2011-2012, the winner and newly reigning Miss Asian American Texas 2013-2015, Hannah Sansavath from Thailand, will take over the tradition with the passing of the crown. Sasha Peshwani from India took the title of Miss Teen Asian American 2013-2015.

Congratulations to all the MAATX 2013-2015 participants and winners!

(middle): Hannah Sansavath-Winner of the Miss Asian American Texas 2013-2015

(Left): Sasha Peshwani-Winner of the Miss Teen Asian American 2013-2015

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