Living the American Dream in Richardson

Amir Omar Running for the City of Richardson Mayor position

By Annya Nguyen
AWM Contributor

February 17, 2013 is an important day in Richardson, Texas as the Amir Omar for Mayor Headquarters Grand Opening took place in the middle of a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

This is the first official campaign headquarters in the history of Richardson and Richardson’s first direct election of the Mayor in over 50 years. In the past, the City of Richardson’s mayors were elected behind close door by city officials.

Amir is making a special outreach to the Asian American population in Richardson. As the child of immigrants he recognizes the important role that our immigrant population plays in the community. He is especially focused on the Asian American population in Richardson since they form such a key part of the community. He encourages all citizens to vote, and he encourages Asian-Americans to talk to their friends about voting. “We need their participation to keep Richardson growing,” Amir says.

Amir Omar, a Richardson Councilman for 7 years, says that he loves Richardson so much that he wants to bring his beloved city to the next level, a place that honors tradition yet embraces modernization. During the Grand Opening event, Amir Omar charmingly entertained everyone with his visions: improving the Richardson educational system, inviting everybody to reside or to open a business in Richardson, and contributing to the environmental effort to grow thousands of trees in the city.

Along with the campaign manager Todd Jones and volunteers Peggy Biel and Diane Wilson, there were more than 80 representatives from various organizations such as NAAAP, Rotary, Home-Owners Associations and many other businesses were there to support Amir Omar.  90% of the participants volunteered to distribute signs and literature.  Everybody left the event with a strong conviction that by supporting Amir Omar they support the right candidate for Richardson Mayor position.  The citizens of Richardson are excited to see the outcome of the election in May.

Vote for your leaders and have your voice heard.  Electing your representatives starts at your local level.  We will see you during May 2013 election!

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