Thursday, April 15

Kungfu Pocong Perawan – Trailer (2012-Indonesia)

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A Romance story of kungfu master Boh Lam (Olga Syahputra) with Mey Mey (Jessica iskandar) had been disturb by the presence of Boh Siaw (Yadi Sembako) is the first brother in the White Lion martial art school.

When Boh Siaw asked Ang Pao (Daus Mini) took the magic book in the forest, Baron aka Amsyong Lu (Rizky Putra) attacked the school and kidnapped Mey Mey. Along the way Boh Siaw and Ang Pao had an accident and died, but because it has sworn to save Mey Mey they rise from the grave. By using a Pocong they are looking for Mey Mey and beat Amsyong Lu with its kung fu.

Exploring the exciting and romantic story between Boh Lam and Mey Mey.