Friday, April 16

Carrollton, TX Candidates Reaching Out to North Texas Asian American Communities

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Recently, Asia World Media, in collaboration with KBS DFW and moderate by Vincent Kim, interviewed three brave candidates, endorsed by the Carrollton Firefighters Association, on their latest run for Carrollton City Council. The interview was done inside the grand hall at the beautiful Coyote Ridge Golf Club.

The three candidates are long residents of Carrollton, TX and strong supporter of giving back to the community through civic duties and volunteering work. Currently, all these candidates accomplish this by giving their times and sharing their knowledge to various organizations and non-profits around the City of Carrollton.

We asked them a few questions about their experience running for Carrollton City Council and they were generous enough to share their wisdom.

What inspired you all to run for Carrollton City Council and why?

What makes you stand out among all other candidates, currently running for City Council in Carrollton?

If you are elected as Carrollton City Council, how would you reach out to the minority communities?

Who are the volunteers and mentors that have been most important to your campaign?

 What would be the first thing you would like to do if you were elected to Carrollton City Council?

Pat Cochran:  As a female candidate, do you feel to have an edge over your male counterparts?

Steve Babick:  As a 2017 candidate for Mayor of Carrollton, what make you decide to run again in 2018 as City Council?

John Sutter:  Your wife, Lisa Sutter, and yourself were former Carrollton City Councils, what make you decide to run again for Carrollton City Council?

Lastly to each of the candidate:

What would you like the voters to know about you when they go to the poll?

Thank you, candidates, for giving us a moment of your time during your busy schedule to share your knowledge.  Much luck on your campaign trail!

Remember to vote! Tuesday 7AM-7PM, May 1st, is the last day for early voting.

Election Day is Saturday, May 5th, 8AM-5PM!

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