Jeremy Lin, Asia Star in NBA
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Not many Asian players to set foot into the realm of professional basketball competition the United States NBA. Yao Ming (Houston Rockets ex), Yi Jianlian (Dallas Mavericks), and Hamed Haddadi (Memphis Grizzlies) is a bit of a player’s name in Asia that has felt the joy of playing in the NBA. Recorded, only Yao Ming is a resounding success in the NBA career record, but injuries continue to happen to force Yao to retire early.

Asia is now back perbasketan proud because Jeremy Lin. Lin is to strengthen New York Knicks bring his team beat the Washington Wizards 107-93 on Wednesday or Thursday (09/02/2012) pm after scoring a double-double with 23 points and 10 assists in the Verizon Center, Washington. Performance was again repeated after a triumphant appearance on Monday local time Tuesday (02/07/2012) WIB scored 28 points and 8 assists to roll the Utah Jazz 99-88 in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Player performances from China is not immune from the praise of the coach, Mike D’Antoni. Positive comments also expressed his teammate Lin, Tyson Chandler. “What Lin did was incredible,” said Lin Chandler commented on the game brilliantly.

Jeremy Lin was with the Dallas Mavericks Summer League in 2010, then joined the Golden State Warriors for the 2010-2011 regular season. But, as it is considered less developed, Lin finally sent to the D-League with Rehno Bighorns. Harvard alumni are then moved to the Knicks in 2011, though after that he should be again sent to the D-League Erie BayHawks team

Jeremy Lin (23) suddenly became a basketball player that counts. Lin only require one thing, proof. Now, he became the new sensation in the NBA league.

New York Knicks’ Lin battles Houston Rockets’ Dalembert for a rebound during their NBA basketball game in Houston

Basketball player born in Palo Alto, California, bloody Taiwan’s economy at the Harvard graduate and a mix of Asian-American descent who often face the issue of racism. When playing in the Ivy League, NCAA leagues under the association, he often heard the audience derision. Lin used to the cry of “wonton soup”, “sweet and sour pork”, “open your eyes!”, Or “go back to China”.

No one else in the NBA team looked at Lin in the 2010 season.On December 2011, Golden State Warriors dumped Lin after he left idle for a year. Another team, Houston Rockets, just a minute and then decided to try Lin did not wear it.

Lin just a point guard number four on the New York Knicks when it signed a contract in December 2011. However, when evidence came too. On February 4, 2012, he won 25 points, with five rebounds and seven assistants, while bending the New Jersey Nets Knicks 99-92. Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni admitted, Lin-minded point guard. Lin also completes the proof is to gain 28 points and eight assistants as his team rolled the Utah Jazz, 99-88, Monday (6/2).

Suddenly the audience shouted “Je-re-my” and “MVP!” When Lin presents precision and wit the ball dribble. On Twitter, Knicks supporters describe this phenomenon as “Linsanity”, a combination of “Lin” and “insanity”.

Lin became the first player since more than 30 years ago, who recorded 28 points and eight assistants, in its first year NBA career. Previously, he was Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons) win as many points as it is in October 1981.

“I had the opportunity, thank God. There is nothing else but glad now, “said Lin, Taiwan’s first basketball player to play descent in the NBA, told the AP.

Lin contract value U.S. $ 800 000 worth of new clear on Tuesday (7/2). Over the last six weeks, he lived in cramped apartments brother, Josh, and sleeping on the couch in the living room.

“That sofa,” said Josh, a student of dentistry New York University, New York Times as written.

Legendary basketball player Magic Johnson happened to watch a Knicks game versus the Nets and Jazz. He was amazed.

One thing D’Antoni acknowledged. Lin has the speed and sensitivity. Two things are hard to teach. A person can only be read and Lin.

Yao Ming retired, but now there are Lin in the NBA.

 The Knicks phenom joins a host of other prominent athletes known for their faith as well as their athletic achievements.