Japan to Host 2016 Junior Summit

Japan to Host 2016 Junior Summit in Mie for Youth Participants from G7 Countries

Japan will host the 2016 Junior Summit in Mie, in April, to encourage dialogue  and debate between young people from the G7 member countries. Ahead of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit, youth participants will gather at the 2016 Junior Summit in Mie to discuss key global issues and to deepen mutual understanding.

Program details of the 2016 Junior Summit are as follows:

  1. Venue: Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture  and  Tokyo
  2. Dates: April 22 (Fri) – 28 (Thu)
  3. Participants: 
    • ●Four youth delegates from each G7 country (two boys and two girls, aged 15-18)
  4. Agenda and Schedule (tentative):
    • ●Discussion and debate on the theme of “The Planet for the Next Generation – Environment and Sustainable Society”
    • ●Visits and cultural exchanges in Mie Prefecture and Tokyo
    • ●Participants will present the outcome of the discussions to the Prime Minister