Thursday, April 15

Japan Claims Whisky Crown

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Japan claims whisky crown

Whisky lovers: you may be surprised to learn that the world’s best whisky is Japanese Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013, according to prominent critic Jim Murray in his 2015 Whisky Bible. The prize-winning blend, that Murray calls”near indescribable genius,”comes from the Yamazaki distillery, which is nestled in the hills of western Japan. It trumped more than 1,000 challengers for the honor, which the distillery’s senior general manager says is no small feat. SOUNDBITE: Yamazaki distillery Senior General Manager Takahisa Fujii saying (Japanese): “Especially for us who have been making whisky, it’s important to make sure to use each distillery’s strengths. So I feel that has been shown in these results. So I’m of course very happy and pleased.” He says the whisky’s deep flavour and spicy aroma are carefully crafted according to changing customer tastes. And he admits, that local climate lends a helping hand. SOUNDBITE: Yamazaki distillery Senior General Manager Takahisa Fujii saying (Japanese): “Compared to other countries the temperature is also a bit higher, so the maturations become much more influenced by the casks. So we have to make sure to maintain the quality of the barrels. You have to be very careful or they will be too influenced by the casks and the balance will be disrupted.” Whisky fell out of favor in the 90s, but has made a comeback in bars in Tokyo and elsewhere. Kiyoshi Nakano says he began drinking whisky 10 years ago – and is now planning to open his own whisky bar. SOUNDBITE: Kiyoshi Nakano, 51-year-old whisky drinker, saying (Japanese): “I experienced the flavour of Japanese whisky and just fell in love with it.” And you might too, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it.
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