Is Durian Fruit Industry Booming in Asia?

By Tony Nguyen, Asia World Media Contributor

Known for its unflattering aroma, usually like spoiled eggs to most Western’s taste palate, but durian fruits industry is on the rise in Asia. According to local news in Asia, Malaysia’s total durian export to China was valued at $1.5 million U.S. dollars in 235.62 tonnes.

Previously, only durian slices and pastes were exported to China for consumption and flavoring of other foods products such as yogurt, ice cream and multi food products.

Malaysia began to export whole durian fruits to China. The first chartered flight with shipments of whole Musang King durian fruits is on its way to Henan province in China and more are expected to follow soon.  Malaysia is aiming to export about 8,000 tonnes of durian annually valued at estimated $112 million U.S. dollars via chartered flights.

According to experts, only less than 1 per cent of the Chinese population have tasted Musang King durian fruits and exporting the whole fruits to China will expand the market even further.

The new exports would also complement existing durian tourism in Malaysia where tourists would come in droves to taste fruits fresh from the farm.

Many Chinese tourists have expressed their enthusiasm to visit Malaysia after tasting durian as some of them would also like to visit the durian orchards to test fresh durians, right off the trees.