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History Of The First Asian American Who Ran For Carrollton City Council

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Young Sung May 6, 2017 Election Day result- Updates below…

And What Came Next:  Young Sung

By Anthony Tran, Asia World Media

Asia World Media first featured Young Sung on its cover for Spring 2015, as the “First Asian American To Run For Carrollton City Council.”  So much hope and excitement surrounded Sung’s campaign in 2015, as Sung’s life, read like a book of purpose and power.  Sung was born in South Korea, his parents were born into Japanese slavery and released prior to WWII.  Sung’s uncle, who was a U.S. soldier, arranged for Sung and his family to come to the United States. Grateful for the opportunity, as America is the land of endless possibilities, Sung set out with his entire family, very early in life, to work — very, very, very — hard.

(Above photo) Young Sung and his entire family

(Above photo) Young Sung’s parents and two children campaigning at the poll location

Sung began the task of assimilating and learning about his new country, and since that time, he “came to love the greatest country in the world – the United States of America.” A Carrollton resident for three decades, Sung was a high school and college athlete.  He graduated from Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas and went on to obtain his Bachelors in Business Management from Maryville College and his MBA from Le Tourneau University.  Sung is a firm believer in justice, in law and order, and the act of upholding “good” which is necessary for having a safe and secure society, benefitting all.  This fervent belief has led Sung to serve as a consultant and interpreter for the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Interpol, the FBI and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department.  As Sung achieved his goals in life, he encountered countless opportunities to help others succeed simultaneously.  He gives back to the community by being involved with various organizations.  He is a deacon for the Korean United Central Methodist Church, also a member for both the Metrocrest and the Korean Chamber of Commerce, and a sponsor and contributor for NSHS Korean Homestay Program.

Community participation – Young Sung coaching soccer team and President of the DFW Korean-American Soccer Association

All these accomplishments did not come easy for a young man who came to America with little material possessions, but he was a warring star full of endless capabilities, steeled with great visions, and equipped with big dreams.  Back in 2015, Sung was elated when he surged in early voting, then when incumbent Anthony Wilder’s re-election was in danger, he read this letter sent out to Carrollton residents.

The letter was addressed to “Dear Carrollton neighbor” that indicated that Anthony Wilder was now “facing the fight of his life. His opponent is a Korean, not born in America, who is turning out all of the Asians in our city to defeat Anthony. They hate everything Anthony stands for – good Christian based government … We don’t need foreigners to tell us how to live. They should have stayed where they came from. We don’t need their mosques and temples. We don’t need their way of sticking together in little groups of each other. Next thing, we’ll be having a gay run for council if they see a Korean can get elected … Oh, and he has that crazy Shirley Tarpley helping him try to bring the black community to the polls … As a good conservative we are sending this to you. Tell your friends and neighbors to vote and spread the word.  We only have 24 hours to tell the Koreans that they cannot take over our city.”

Signed “W”letter

Sung sought out “W” identity hoping to open up a dialogue with “W” for better understanding, due to the author’s racially-charged language and hostility towards various ethnic groups.  Needless to say, “W” could never be found.  At the time, it baffled Young that despite great advancements in human progress and civilizations, his love for this country and especially for the city of Carrollton, that this message was sent out to the public, as a personal smear against his character.  He thought long and hard about his personal and political ideologies along with his desire for contributing to society, and decided that, as an advanced nation, we must bring healing to all communities.

(Above photo, L-R) Chief Rex D. Redden of Carrollton Police Department, Young Sung, newly elected Fire Chief Gregg Salmi of Carrollton Fire Rescue and Susan Song

(Above photo) 1st row, L-R: David Moon (Founder of the Sam Moon Group), Becky Sampson Miller (Former Mayor of Carrollton), Shirley Tarpley (Former Carrollton Mayor Pro Tem), Pat Malone (Former Carrollton City Council and Mayor Pro Tem ). 2nd row, L-R: Dukhwan Chang (President of Dallas Korean Sports Association), Pastor Lee, Young Sung, Susan Sung, Ron Branson (Former Mayor of Carrollton), and Rex Yun. All supporting Young Sung for Carrollton City Council, Place 6

In this upcoming election as well as the previous election, Sung has garnered extensive endorsements by various organizations and civic minded individuals such as – the Carrollton Fire Fighters Association, the Carrollton Police Officers Association, MetroTex Association of Realtors, David Moon (Founder of the Sam Moon Group), Ron Branson (former Mayor of Carrollton), Becky Miller (former Mayor of Carrollton), Shirley Tarpley (former Mayor Pro-Tem), Pat Malone (former Pro-Tem Mayor of Carrollton), H-Mart Supermarket, Breaker Korean Bar-B-Q, Central Daily Newspaper, and so many others.

(Above photo) Young Sung, Ret. Lieutenant General Richard Carey USMC and Young’s father Ki Son Sung, Korean War Veteran

(Above photo) Young Sung is a proud supporter and advocate for U.S. veterans and seniors.

Sung is back in the saddle again and is running for Carrollton City Council, Place 6, in May 6, 2017 Election.  There is a Vince Lombardi quote that Sung is especially fond of “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

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UPDATES: May 6, 2017 Election Day

Congratulations to Young Sung for his victory as Carrollton City Councilman, Place 6! Young Sung is the first Asian American to be in Carrollton City Council and also, he is the only candidate to win over 4,000 votes in the history of Carrollton’s municipal election.

“Thank you so much for everyone support and for all the Carrollton’s citizens that voted for me. It will be an honor and privilege to serve our great City of Carrollton,” said Honorable Councilman Young Sung.

Asia World Media wish much success in Councilman Young Sung in his new venture! Congratulations Honorable Councilman Young Sung and we are looking forward in working with you to provide a voice for North Texas.