Thursday, April 15

Kid with Golden Arms (full-movie)

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The movie has no main character but is more or less centered around the main villain Golden Arms (played by Meng Lo, Toad in Five Deadly Venoms) and his efforts to steal a wagon full of gold. Golden Arms is the leader of a gang called the Chi Saw gang. It has four chiefs. 1 is Golden Arms who is such a kung-fu master that he doesn’t need weapons. 2 is Silver Spear (Feng Lu, Centipede in FDV) who wields a spear and throwing darts. 3 is Iron Robe (Lung Wei Wang, the Judge in FDV) who wears an iron robe and fights with a fan. And 4 is Brass Head who headbutts people with a brass helmet. Chien Sun (Scorpion in FDV) leads a band of guards who try to protect the wagon.