Garland Vietnamese-American Community Center Getting A New Parking Lot

The Vietnamese-American Community Center of Garland, TX. Photographed by Jarvis Jacobs

The Vietnamese-American Community Center of Garland, TX is getting a parking lot face-lift. The center was a fixture for the North Texas Vietnamese-American community. It was a place for cultural events, performances and educational training for the community. The center has served the North Texas Vietnamese-American community for many decades and time has taken its toll on the building, parking lot and property.

VCCParkinglotrepair3According to local source, the center was cited for the pot-holes and unsafe parking lot recently and if it was not taken care of immediately, the center will be fine on a daily bases and could face shutting down.

Facing with the dilemma, the North Texas Vietnamese-American leaders, under the guidance of Tom and Jennifer Nguyen, the leadership of CT Pham Q. Hau, and the planning of  Jason Ly and Ngoc Anh, came together and organized the Vietnamese American Community Center fund raising event. The fundraising attracted approximately 300 attendees, including business owners, politicians, friends, acquaintances and special guests from the community, to give generously.

VCCParkinglotrepair4The Vietnamese-American Community Center needs an estimated $124,000.00 to fixed up the parking lot, the exterior and interior of the building. The fundraising gathered only $45,000.00, just enough to get the entire parking lot repair. An additional $75,000.00 is needed to start on the frail building.

VCCParkinglotrepairThe Vietnamese-American Community Center is reaching out to all community members to help in any way for the rest of fund needed to remodel the building.


If you like to provide your support, please send your donation to VAC (Vietnamese American Center) of Dallas at 3221 Beltline Road, Garland, TX 75044. Any amount is appreciated and thank you for your support.