For Many Vietnamese Immigrants, April 30th Is A Day Of Many Meanings

On Sunday afternoon, April 29, 2018, the North Texas Vietnamese-American community have been preparing for a special, heart-felt event — the celebration of the 43rd Anniversary of Vietnam’s Reunification Day (aka Black April) on April 30th – at the Garland Vietnamese American Community Center.

Dozens of ex-military officers stand in unison as they honored their respected comrades and the occasion. Civilians dressed in bright yellow costumes, waving solid yellow and three red strips South Vietnamese flag. For the public safety, heavy presences of Garland police officers accommodate the commemoration and the parade.

Follow the commemoration, a small unit of cars line up for a parade session throughout the City of Garland nearby neighborhood.

Reunification Day marks the day the last American troops left Vietnam, and the North and the South were joined again. But what does April 30 mean to the Vietnamese? Well, it very much depends on whom you ask.

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