Filipino Food Invade North Texas

Trisha & Roland’s Pinoy Pop-up hosted a group of DFW foodies to taste authentic Filipino food.

It’s not fine dining but definitely nomadic, fun and family-oriented, influenced heavily by Kapampangan and influenced by Texas tastes.

Filipino food perhaps not at its finest but nothing goes to waste, like many cuisines in Asian countries, meat are very scarce so most of everything from an animal is consumed.

Some of the dishes are marinated or dip with ingredients like vinegar, anchovy paste (Bagoong), shrimp paste (Alamang) and other spices.

The street-like food is not for everyone but it’s an opportunity to explore ethnic cuisines.

Many authentic food items were served, including:

Balat Ng Baboy – Pig’s skin marinated, skewers and grilled.

Walkman – Pig’s ear marinated, skewers and grilled.

Barbeque – Marinated pork or chicken pieces grilled on skewers.

Ulo ng manok – Grilled chicken head also known as helmet.

Balun-balunan – Grilled chicken gizzards. In Visayan region this is called Batikolon

Kwek-Kwek – Quail egg rolled in mixed flour and fried

Adidas – Chicken feet marinated and grilled or cooked adobo style

Balut – Hard-boiled duck egg, sometime with the fetus

Banana cue – Deep-fried banana dessert, covered with caramelized brown sugar, skewered on bamboo sticks and fried

Turon – Banana and jackfruit wrapped in spring-roll wrappers (lumpia wrappers), rolled in brown sugar and deep fried

Betamax -Curdled chicken or pork blood, cubed and grilled

Singkamas – turnips

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