Angkor Wat

Title: Documentary of Angkor Wat in the country of Cambodia

Source:  Freeman38parallel (YouTube)

The story Of Khmer great empire , Angkor Wat temple is the largest pre-Industrial City known to man ‘ _Freeman38parallel

The future king Jayavarman VII (reigned 1181–1219) was already a military leader as prince under previous kings. After the Cham had conquered Angkor, he gathered an army and regained the capital, Yasodharapura. In 1181 he ascended the throne and continued the war against the neighbouring eastern kingdom for a further 22 years, until the Khmer defeated Champa in 1203 and conquered large parts of its territory.

Jayavarman VII stands as the last of the great kings of Angkor, not only because of the successful war against the Cham, but also because he was no tyrannical ruler in the manner of his immediate predecessors, because he unified the empire, and above all because of the building projects carried out under his rule.