Did You Know? Almost everyday in July, there’s a historical moment in history. Without history, we cannot learn about our past. Without learning about our past and history, we are doom to repeat it.

Significant and Historical Days In July, by date:

1st, 1847 – U.S. postage stamps went on sale for the first time.

1st, 1943 – Taxes begin to be withheld from paychecks.

1st, 1963 – ZIP codes go into use.

1st, 1997 – Richard E. Baker. Richard created the National Postal Worker Day.

2nd, 1881 – President Garfield is shot. His struggle to survive lasted 80 days until his death on Sept. 19th.

2nd, 1955 – The Lawrence Welk show premieres on television.

3rd, 1806 – The first cultivated strawberry is displayed by Michael Kent.

4th, 1776 – The day the United States declared freedom from British rule for the 13 colonies.

4th, 1984 – After being displayed or over a century, the torch on the Statue of Liberty is removed so it can be replaced.

5th, 1937 – Baseball great Joe DiMaggio hits his first grand slam.

5th, 1946 – The bikini makes it’s debut at a Paris fashion show.

6st, 1933 – In the very first All Star Baseball game, the American League wins 5-2.

7th, 1898 – The United States annexes Hawaii.

8th, 1796 – The U.S. State Department issues the first passport.

9th, 1956 – Dick Clark hosts American Bandstand for the very first time.

10th, 1985 – After an unsuccessful attempt to change it’s formula, Coca-Cola brings back the ever popular original formula as “Classic Coke”.

11th, 1792 – Robert Bailey Thomas publishes the first issue of the Farmer’s Almanac. It is now called the “Old Farmer’s Almanac”.

11th, 1804 – Former Vice President Aaron Burr kills Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

11th, 1979 – Skylab space station re-enters the earth’s atmosphere. Pieces land in the Indian Ocean and in Australia.

12th, 1960 – Etch-a-Sketch goes on sale.

13th, 1898 – The radio is patented by Guglielmo Marconi.

14th, 1867 – Alfred Nobel demonstrates dynamite.

14th, 1914 – Liquid rocket fuel is patented.

15th, 1844 – Vulcanized rubber is patented by Goodyear. (1844)

15th, 1869 – Margarine is patented.

16th, 1999 – John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a plane crash off Martha’s Vineyard.

17th, 1867 – The Harvard School of Dentistry becomes the first dental school in the U.S.

17th, 1902 – The air conditioner was invented.

17th, 1955 – Walt Disney’s Disneyland opens in Anaheim, Ca.

18th, 1925 – Adolph Hitler publishes Mein Kampf.

19th, 1814 – Samuel Colt, invented the revolver.

19th, 1940 – Winston Churchill uses the two finger “V” for victory sign.

20th, 1969 –  In “one small step for man, one giant step for mankind”, Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the moon.

21st, 1873 – Jesse James and his gang rob their first train.

22nd, 1934 – Bank robber John Dillon was shot dead.

22nd, 1975 – An act of Congress restores Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s citizenship.

23rd, 1904 – Charles E. Minches of St. Louis, Missouri fills a pastry cone with two scoops of ice cream, and the ice cream cone is invented.

23rd, 1999 – Air Force Colonel Eileen M. Collins becomes the first woman to command a space shuttle.

24th, 1929 – Pres. Hoover announces the Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces war.

25th, 1814 – American forces defeat the British at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane (also known as the Battle of Niagara Falls).

25th, 1978 – Louise Joy Brown, the First “Test Tube” baby is born in Oldham General Hospital, U.K.

26st, 1775 – Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General.

26st, 1952 – Mickey Mantle hits his first “Grand Slam”.

27th, 1940 – Bugs Bunny debuts in Warner Brothers animated cartoon “A Wild Hare”.

28th, 1914 – World War I began.

29th, 1928 – Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” premieres.

30th, 1965 – President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Medicare bill.

31st, 1969 – Mariner 6 flies past Mars.