Descendants of Wing Chun (Full movie)

Legendary wing chun master Leung Tsan and his student Cashier Wha use their wing chun prowess to bring to justice two of Canton’s most hated villains, “The Sky And Earth Eagles”.

Fierceful fighting displays the wing chung style of kung fu in this tale of revenge. Evil bandit ma lung escapes from prison and seeks revenge on retired wing chun teacher lam chan who had helped to imprison him. Ma wreaks havoc on lams wing chun school and kills a few of lams students.

Choreographed by real life wing chun masters William Cheung and Wong Ha, “Descendants Of Wing Chun” is a must-have film for both martial arts practitioners and kung fu movie fans alike.
Cast: Norman Chu (Tsui Siu Keung), Melvin Wong (Mel Wong), Fung Hak On (Fong Hak Ann), Lee Hoi Sang (Hoi San), Kwan Hoi San, Fung Lee, Ho Pak Kwong, Hon Yee Sang, Alan Chan (Gwok Kuen), Lo Wai, Ko Hung, Chow Gam Kong, Ho Kei Cheong, San Sin, Cheung Chok Chow, Pang Yun Cheung, To Wai Wo, Chow Yun Gin
Running Time: 91 mins. (approx.)
Languages: English-sub

Director :
Huang Ha

Action Director :
Fung Hak On

Action Director :
Lee Hoi San
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Norman Chu Siu Keung

Melvin Wong Gam San

Fung Hak On

Lee Hoi San

Kwan Hoi San

Fung Lee

Ho Pak Kwong

Hon Yee Sang

Alan Chan Kwok Kuen

Lo Wai