Thursday, April 15

Dallas/Garland Vietnamese American Commemorate 40th Years Since The End Of The Vietnam War 1975

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 The Vietnamese American Community of Greater Dallas hosted a press conference Saturday afternoon at the Vietnamese American Community Center in Garland, TX to announce a remembrance parade and event, Sunday, April 26, 2015, to commemorate 40th years since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.  Many Vietnamese American community members still have deep scars toward the Vietnam War due to many losses of family and friends.  Vietnamese American communities all over the nation celebrate their freedom, remembrance of the fallen and honor their heroes annually during the month of April.

The Dallas/Garland Vietnamese American community will start the commemoration ceremony at noon (12pm) with a presentation of a documentary film about Vietnam in 1975.  The commemorate march will begins at the Dallas Vietnamese Community Center (VACC: 3221 Beltline Road, Garland, TX 75044) to the Saigon Shopping Center, then back to the VAC Center.  

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