Saturday, April 17

Congratulations to GDAACC 25th Anniversary!

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Dallas, TX – On December 9, the GDAACC presented an honorary plaque to David Moon (Sam Moon Shopping Center) for business and Trammell Crow (Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art Museum) for preserving the Asian Heritage in Dallas through arts. Over 800 Dallas/Fort Worth guests and executives turned out for the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce (GDAACC) 25th Anniversary Gala celebration at the Dallas Omni Hotel.

David D. Moon was recognized for his contribution to the tourism of Dallas through his successful Sam Moon Shopping Center. The Sam Moon Shopping Center is a bargain shoppers paradise to find unique items and products in Dallas Asian Trade District. Sam Moon now has centers in Frisco, Fort Worth and Houston, as well as the newly expanded Dallas center. The original Dallas location Sam Moon store, at LBJ and Harry Hines, offers piles of purses, belts, jewelry, scarves, wigs, headbands and other accessories at the best bargain prices.
Trammell S. Crow is known for the Trammell and Margaret Crow of Asian Arts Museum in downtown Dallas Art District. Trammell and Margaret Crow bought their first piece of Asian art in the mid-1960s, and from that initial purchase has evolved a distinguished collection featuring pieces from China, Japan, India and Southeastern Asia, spanning 3500 B.C. to the early 20th century. The Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Arts opened to the general public as a permanent museum since December 1998, at 2010 Flora in the Arts District of downtown Dallas.  Located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, the Crow Museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning.
Speaker Julie Tam welcomed the guests and their families at the GDAACC 25th Anniversary Gala opening ceremony, held at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas. She remarked, “We’re here to celebrates the Silver 25th Anniversary of the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce (GDAACC) and also, DFW Asian community. The GDAACC has represented 17 Asian ethnic communities in Dallas Metroplex.”
Many of the speakers are from the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce (GDAACC) members and its sponsors.  First speakers, Monica Alonzo (Council member from Dallas District 6) and Sheffie Kadane (Council member from Dallas District 9) representing the City of Dallas, recognized the GDAACC with a beautiful award for their long dedication in helping the Asian businesses and community. Among other speaker was Spa Castle CEO Steve Chon (Underwriter of the Gala celebration), Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive VP Matthew Jones and Nils Stolzlechner, General Manager of the Dallas Omni Hotel.
Steve Chon who flew from New York City, NY to be at the GDAACC 25th Anniversary Gala. Steve introduced his newly developed 3-story Spa Castle Hotel and Day Spa, with high quality spa facilities, 27 hotel rooms and banquet halls, in Carrollton, TX. He stated, “I truly feel honored celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce and also, proud to be able to shared this event with ambitious and inspiring individuals. I never seen so many people gathered in one event.”
“The Asian American Community in Dallas has an incredible influenced on the economic outlook of this city. Dallas Asian community has a population growth of over 35% in the past decade. The entrepreneur spirits has imbued Dallas with an enterprise character that simply can not be found anywhere else. Because of that, we now have a unique blend of culture, art, community, shopping and over half a dozen Asian neighborhoods. One of the many assets we used to sell the destination,” said Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau VP Executive Matthew Jones.
The 25th Gala was celebrated at the new and beautiful Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas. General Manager of Dallas Omni Hotel Nils Stolzlechner pointed out, “It has been 21 years in the making to get this hotel up and running. It has been an instant icon since its opening in Dallas. Your chamber has back us up and it wouldn’t have happen without them. Staffs only been in it for three weeks. It is a 1.2 million square foot building and with now 600 associates.”
Entertainments for the Gala includes Mina Chang, an American born Korean singer, and Dallas De Gabroo dance group. Mina Chang combines the history and heritage of her family with the modern sounds of soulful music to create a sound that is all her own.  The Dallas De Gabroo is a spontaneous Asian Indian dance team, consisting of Sonny Sethi, Manpreet Sahota, Rohan Nilekani and Karan Sharma.
In the closing ceremony, GDAACC Barkat Ali extended the Mercedes Raffling (Benefiting the MEED CENTER, a division of the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce) to January 23, 2012, the starting of Chinese New Year. For more details of the Mercedes-Benz Raffle, please visit