Friday, April 16

2011 City of Garland Meet & Greet Dinner

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Garland, TX – The City of Garland invited the Tarrant County Asian American Chamber of Commerce (TCAACC), DFW Asian American Citizens Council, Asian American Community Leaders, Seniors, Citizens, Asian Media/Press, like Asia World Media, for an open dialogue dinner at Tasty China restaurant on Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

Besides being treated with traditional Chinese cuisines and a light cultural entertainment, the guests also have an opportunity to meet Garland’s finest Police Chief Mitch Bates, Fire officials, Garland Independent School District representatives, Garland Chamber of Commerce, Elected State Representative Angie Chen Button and the City of Garland Mayor Ronald E. Jones.

In order for the City of Garland to served the Community effectively, each City Department discussed how important it is to have the Asian community to communicate with them on important issues.  For example, many Asian parents need to attend and get involved more with school PTA programs if they are to understand the progress of their children’s education. Also, a small slot of time were allocated for questions from the guests.

Welcoming remarks by Bruce Jones and the dinner program was hosted by Thomas and Jennifer Nguyen.

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Photo Courtesy of Jane Liu