Friday, April 16

Chinese Student pilot survived in plane crash

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A single-engine 1998 Cessna 172R plane crashed near Denton Municipal Airport early Tuesday morning, killing a Chinese student pilot Xie Chengjie and injuring student Zhao Shuran and the instructor Michael Lin.






The Chinese pilot students are part of a flight training group from Capital, Shenzhen, Szhehuan and Tianjin Airlines.  They been training in the US for a few months and just celebrate their first Thanksgiving.








Pilot Michael Lin, former intern of American Airlines, recently moved to Dallas from Chicago to be the instructor for the Chinese pilot students at Denton Municipal Airport.

US Aviation Academy, a Texas flight school established in 2002, owned the plane and is recognized as one of the premiere aviation academies in the nation.  The school is one of the very few dozen flight training academies in the world approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (GACC).

“US Aviation Academy is cooperating fully with the FAA in the ongoing investigation of the accident,” the release stated. “The academy is deeply saddened by the accident and extends it thoughts and prayers to the instructor, students and their families. The training at the academy has been temporarily suspended to allow time to inform the immediate families and other members of the company.”