Friday, April 16

Building Thai Community Awareness

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Chao-Phra-Ya Dallas Thai Classical Music, an organization to preserve and instill the knowledge of Thai Classical music to the Thai American community, celebrates its 8th anniversary fundraising event at the Buddhist Center of Dallas on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  Dr. Ken Theppote and K. Patcharin (Toom) Sato emcee throughout the festive event, with entertainment including Thai classical dance, songs and musical instruments. Music and songs conducted by Mr. Weera Khachathes.

Chao Phra Ya’s members and family. Photo by Saksith (Sax) Kalayaboon

(L-R) Dr. Ken Theppote, Mr. Weera Khachathes. Photo by Saksith (Sax) Kalayaboon

(L-R) Lertnida Urquidi, Hannah Sansavath (Chao Phra Ya Princess 2013), Sura Mitchell, Dr. Bhoonsri Thumasathit (Event Chairwoman), Dr. Ken Theppote (VP and Emcee of Chao Phra ya), K. Patcharin (Toom) Sato.  Photo by Jarvis Jacobs

Thai Traditional Dancers. Photo by Jarvis Jocobs

Thai Traditional Dancers. Photo by Jarvis Jocobs

Thai Traditional Music. Photo by Jarvis Jocobs

Orchestra and Premier music performers. Photo by Saksith (Sax) Kalayaboon

Thai Cultural Dresses. Photo by Saksith (Sax) Kalayaboon

Special Guests at DFW Thai Community Event.