Beloved Dallas Sushi Restaurant Re-Grand Opening

By Anthony Tran, Asia World Media

From the exterior to the interior, Dallas uptown’s Steel Restaurant and Lounge has received an upgrade look, menu and a new patio.

“Dallas has been very good to us and we wanted to give our amazing number of loyal guests, who have come to Steel for over 10 years, something to look forward to,” said Mike Chen, Steel restaurant proprietor. “In turn, we also like to attract new patrons that made Dallas their homes,” he said.

This is why he feels the restaurant needs a new up-grade look and a brand new executive chef, Tysun Thomas.

The new, spacious patio setting provides warm and welcoming surroundings. Guests can easily relaxed and have a glass of wine, while enjoying the fresh outdoor atmosphere.

Steel’s interior has plenty of open, walking space, with four beautiful, stainless-glass art panels, hung in the middle of the restaurant to welcome every person entering the restaurant. Toward the back, to the right of the restaurant, Steel’s secret jewel is its private, glass room, filled with hundreds of award-winning wine bottles along the wall, which guests can reserve for a special, private dining experienced.

Mike Chen, Steel Restaurant and Lounge Proprietor

“Our new chef, Thomas, is very adventurous and very talented,” said Mike Chen.

The abilities to bring new dishes and also preserving the popular cuisines that our guests are accustomed to are the fundamental balance why Steel attracts continuing support from Dallas diners.

Mike said he enjoys making people happy at his restaurant. “I really appreciate the support from the residents of Dallas and our customers,” Mike said. “It’s very humbling for me to meet some of the friendly faces at Steel and I am looking forward in saying “hello” to new people that visit our restaurant.”

Steel Restaurant & Lounge is located at 3180 Welborn Street, Dallas, TX