Ang Lee, director of “Life of Pi”, take home the Oscar

“Life of Pi” Won the most Oscar at the Academy Award Ceremony.

Ang Lee became the talk of the town after he received the most awards at the prestigious the Oscar (also known as 85th Academy Awards) for fantasy movie, Life of Pi. He won the Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography and Best Vocal Score awards. The Taiwanese-born director bagged four awards for fantasy movie “Life of Pi” at the Oscar.

As the first Asian to clinch the Best Director award twice at the Oscars (Lee received his first award for Brokeback Mountain in 2005), the 58-year-old Taiwanese shared his heartfelt joy onstage after the results were announced.

Besides expressing his gratitude to Life of Pis production crew, Lee also thanked his beloved wife and family, commenting, “I love you, my family in Taiwan. My wife, Jane Lin, we’ll be married 30 years this summer. I love you. My boys, Han and Mason, thank you for your support.”

Jane, who accompanied her husband to the ceremony, beamed with delight and blushed upon Lee’s public declaration of love.

On the other hand, Lee’s mother and younger brother in Taiwan reportedly shed tears of joy as soon as the results were revealed.

According to the media, Mr. Lee also praised his wife Jane for being a “thoughtful wife..”. Jane is known for maintaining a low-key profile and is highly supportive of Lee’s dream of becoming a filmmaker. She never gave up on her husband and was willing to be the sole breadwinner as a biologist for six years during the 1980s to help realise Lee’s ambition.