Andy Lau wants the best for his daughter

The Heavenly King has reportedly bought a mansion for his only child and is already planning for her future

Andy Lau

Heavenly King Andy Lau has a lot on his plate recently. His daughter, Lau Xing Hui, has just turned two months old and the happy father has already purchased a mansion for his bundle of joy.

The HK$200 million (S$3.3 million) mansion is reportedly located close to his parents’ home so as to allow her grandparents to interact with her as much as possible. The two-storey house has a 10m high wall and dense greenery surrounding it, giving it the much-needed privacy that the Heavenly King wants.

Andy has also decided on an English name for Xing Hui, choosing ‘Hanna’ as it means “elegant and joyful goddess” in old English.

Earlier, the Hong Kong singer held a second-month bash for his daughter in his wife Carol Chu’s hometown in Malaysia. He also held a customary Buddhist ceremony to pray for his daughter.

Looking ahead, Andy has also started looking for kindergartens for Hanna. He is said to be against the idea of her schooling in Hong Kong, where the paparazzi is particularly active. The Heavenly King is reportedly considering between Malaysia and Singapore, where she will be able to concentrate on her education.

Source:  MSN