Sunday, April 18

AAPI: Guide to Federal Agency Resources

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The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Guide to Federal Agency Resources

Promoting a Healthy, Vibrant Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  In honor of the two year anniversary of the signing of the executive order, the Initiative is releasing this Guide to Federal Agency Resources, an easy-to-use navigational tool on federal funding, programs, and resources to provide a snapshot of federal resources available to assist organizations and individuals seeking to improve their quality of life of AAPIs. Within this guide, individuals and organizations can find such information as grant opportunities, loan programs to help start a business, federal resources for food and housing for low-income individuals, and health-care programs for veterans and their families.

This guide also includes 10 Grantee Spotlights, featuring organizations and individuals who have successfully navigated the federal grant application process and can offer advice, by example, to prospective applicants.

“As a small grassroots organization with little experience in applying for federal grants and limited knowledge of the technical language used in grant applications, the process was a bit scary at first. …My advice for those interested in this program is to seek out support and guidance from the community and local decision makers.” EPA Grantee, Seattle, Wash., September, 2011.

Download a copy here: AAPI Guide to Federal Agency Resources