Friday, April 16

Red Bull heir Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya Paid-off $100,000 to Cop Family

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It seems money can buy anything in Thailand, including the justice system.

Associated Press

Four years after allegedly slamming into a motorcycle cop, dragging him along the road and then speeding away from the mangled body, the Thai heir to the Red Bull fortune remains a globe-trotting socialite seemingly unshackled from any legal consequences, The Associated Press reports.

Since the 2012 accident, Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, now in his early ’30s, has been seen “soaking in an Abu Dhabi pool, dining in Nice, France, and holding a $10,000 bicycle in Bangkok,” the wire says.

All the while, he has missed numerous prosecutor orders to report to court on charges of speeding, hit-and-run, and reckless driving that caused death. He’s due at the prosecutors’ office again this Thursday.

Vorayuth is part of what one Thai newspaper has called “Bangkok’s deadly rich kids.”


The policeman’s family grieved, but they figured at least there would be justice. Wichean was a police officer. Certainly his killer would be held responsible.

Wichean’s family accepted a settlement, about $100,000. In turn, they promised not to press criminal charges.