Dallas celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month with Inaugural APIA Food Truck Showdown

Dallas celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Inaugural APIA Food Truck Showdown! The food and drinks are all great and amazing. Michael from MasterChef was there as one of the judges!
Organized by Bobaddiction
Participants: Spin Sushi, Say Kimchi, and Yim Yam

Best rice dish Winner: Spin Sushi – Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice
Description: fresh savory bell peppers sauteed in garlic, onion, corn, and kimchi fried rice topped with bacon cilantrio and tempura jalapenos.

Best value dish Winner: Say Kimchi – kimchi fries
Description: Fries cut from our own fresh potatoes topped with meat and fried kimchi along with onions and cilantro. Topped with sriracha and our special sauce.

Most creative and unique Winner: Yim Yam – fire ball
Description: Jasmine rice, red curry, thai basil, spicy mayo, thai slaw

Allyn Hoang, Host & Producer at Eye Opener TV
Michael Chen, Executive Chef of Monkey King Noodle Co.
Elizabeth Dinh, News Reporter of CBS11
Photo courtesy of Jessica Jan AWM Team Member

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