Friday, April 16

Meet Anh Vo, Restaurateur of Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen Restaurant and Bakery

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Anh Vo: Owner – Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen Restaurant and Bakery

By Anthony Tran
AWM Contributor


Cindi’s New York Deli and Bakery, now with five locations in Dallas, Texas is a favorite among Dallasites seeking the authentic flavors of New York City. Voted best by several local magazines, Cindi’s N.Y. Deli and Bakery offers a tantalizing selection of everything from pancakes to omelettes, knishes to cheese blintzes.

Anh Vo was named the recipient of “The 2012 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Quite an accomplishment, considering Anh Vo’s humble beginnings. On this afternoon, I sat down with Anh at Cindi’s N.Y. Deli at her “Central” location; the restaurant overlooks Central Expressway in Dallas. As the sun was setting over Central Expressway, Anh greeted me with her warm smile, and gracious hospitality which is reminiscent of Cindi’s dining philosophy of “comfortable, warm, cozy, and friendly”.

I asked Anh what inspired her to start her own N.Y. Deli and Bakery restaurant chains, considering that this was very different from the Vietnamese cuisine that Anh had grown up with. Anh’s story is especially inspiring for those immigrants who fled Vietnam seeking the “American opportunity and dream”. In 1979, Anh left Communist Vietnam, “looking for a better life and freedom.” After coming to the United States, with confidence in her vision, a readiness to step outside of her comfort zone and a willingness to take great risk, Anh launched her first Cindi’s N.Y Deli and Bakery. Twenty years later, Cindi’s has expanded to a total of five locations, four locations in Dallas, Texas and one location in Carrollton, Texas.

Cindi’s array of appetizing sandwiches, from New York Ruebens, Philadelphia cheese steaks, tuna melts, egg salad, to pastrami sandwiches makes Cindi’s “a favorite for catering go-to” parties. At Cindi’s, diners  can also taste the delicious comfort food  that is the staple of Southern cooking, including chicken and dumplings, Matzo ball soup, and hearty stews. For those with a sweet-tooth, Cindi’s offers homemade custom cakes and pastries.  Craving freshly made breads?  Cindi’s bake their own bagels, rye breads, and Challahs.  Needless to say, the menu selection is exquisite and extensive.

Cindi’s have diners that have frequented her establishments, after twenty some plus years. That is longevity in the fast-paced world of fast food drive-through and the myriad of restaurants that is presented to the dining enthusiast, in Dallas, Texas. I asked Anh how does one keep a client after twenty some plus years? In her soft but unwavering voice, Anh shared her recipe for success, in how to keep her clients happy, “use the finest, healthiest ingredients (even if this means ordering the ingredients from New York), listen to the customer, have the best chef, and treat your clients like family”.

Anh is a staunch supporter of giving back to the community, she accomplish this by gifting her time and her talents to various organizations and non-profits. Visit for additional information regarding Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen Restaurant and Bakery locations, menus, and times.

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