Thursday, April 15

Lighting up the Night at Fair Park

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It’s an exotic visual delight–a collection of architecture, fabric flora, and fauna, including pandas, flamingos, and dinosaurs. There’s a dragon made from 15,000 porcelain dishes!

The festival lights up the night, setting the lagoon and imaginations aglow. The Temple of Heaven, Statue of Liberty, animated creatures, and a huge Blossoming Lotus—these are among 22 dazzling lantern sets next to the Nature and Science Buildings, and both in and around the lagoon.

Marvel at Old World handcrafts and souvenirs made before your eyes. Watch artists weave palm leaves into detailed, articulated dragons and scorpions. Ever seen someone ‘paint’ with liquid sugar? Elaborate confections take the shape of rabbits or monkeys, forcing a debate over whether to eat them. If that whets your appetite, sit down for a taste of Chinese or Western foods on the terrace overlooking the lagoon. Burgeoning with illuminated lotuses, cattails, frogs and ducks, it’s a place that beckons you to linger.

Recommend to go see it. Open daily from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm through January 6, 2013, at historic Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Enjoy the images below…