A New Leader Emerged! Joe Chow for Congress.

Political advertisement paid for by the Joe Chow Campaign. Former Addison Mayor Joe Chow Running for U.S. Congress

Joe Chow’s remark:

I’ve traveled throughout the district. I’ve heard many voice their concerns. The strongest have been regarding our national economy. This is
something I’m passionate about…bringing America into financial stability through fiscal responsibility.

Political campaigns are often filled with an abundance of promises. What sets my campaign apart? Proof.

For the past 25 years, I’ve owned and operated one of Addison’s top ranked restaurants. And I’ve done it without the added burden of debt. How was I able to accomplish this feat in such a challenged economy? The power of cash and self discipline. I wasn’t afraid of hard work. Fueled with a vision, my determination drove me to save half of every paycheck. That’s how I was able to generate enough capital to purchase my restaurant. And it’s this same mentality which has not only maintained but propelled my restaurant into the solid, financially stable business it is today.

Self discipline, vision and responsibility have been the principles which have guided me to success. With the steady growth of my restaurant, I’ve been able to hire more employees. The prosperity of my business has provided stability so these employees can have security during a troubled economy.

When I was the Mayor of Addison, I was able to help reduce the tax rate to one of the lowest in all of Texas. I not only cut the property tax rate in 2006 and 2007, but I also helped Addison to achieve its first ever AAA bond rating. Only 5 out of 1,215 Texas cities have ever achieved this rating. And when the recession hit, Addison was well prepared. Under my leadership, Addison had $11 million in reserve funds.

As your congressman, I will deliver on the promises I’ve made…lower taxes, fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget. I will follow the same principles which have provided financial stability and prosperity to my business as well as to the city of Addison. You can be confident when you  place your trust in me. My promises are backed by proof.
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April 12, 2012
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By Joe Chow for U.S. Congress


Republican Election May 29th

Early Voting: May 12 thru May 25th

 It is Chow time!

Tarrant County Office Opening… APRIL 18th 2012

1170 Corporate Dr. W #101, Arlington, TX 76006 (Hwy360 @ Lamar) Tel: 817-719-3698

{Tornado and bad weather delay}

Town Hall Meeting Social –
Corsicana ‐ April 14th

Fiesta Grill Mexican Restaurant, Corsicana

123 N. Commerce St., 1pm – 3pm

Navarro Republican Hispanic Club ‐ April 14th 2012

Corsicana Public Library Corsicana

100 N. 12th St. 3p.m. ‐ 5 p.m.

Moving day to Arlington, TX ‐ April 14th 2012

Date when Candidates for State House or State Senate Must
be resident of District they represent.

Joe Chow and wife Chi Chi already moved into their home in Arlington.

FEC Filing Day ‐ April 15th 2012

Deadline for Federal Candidates to file their Q1, 2012 Campaign finance reports.

Senatorial District Conventions ‐ April 21st 2012

9‐12/1p.m. various districts. Go to become a Delegate to State GOP convention!

Ellis County TEA Party Forum Dist. 6 – April 21st 2012
Waxahachie Civic Center
1950 Highway 35 East,
Waxahachie 75165 4pm ‐ 8pm

Arlington Republican Women’s Club – April 22nd 2012
Colonial Country Club on Lamar, 6pm ‐ 8pm
Arlington Republican Club Forum for Dist. 6 – April 26, 2012 6 ‐ 8:30 p.m.
Rolling Hills Country Club 401 E. Lamar, Arlington

Tell everyone that “It Is Chow Time!”

Send comments or questions to Joe at: www.chowforcongress.com


Obama threatens Supreme Court Justices

What arrogance. Obama and socialist leaning members of Congress say The Supreme Court will be

activists..IF.. they find ObamaCare in violation of the onstitution. Totally outrageous. That is why our Founders
created the Supreme Court, to provide protection from an overreaching government.

Joe Chow says, President “Obama violated protocol and embarrassed our Country again”

He doesn’t want a Job?? Vice President Biden!

Biden stated he stayed in the Senate for 36 years because he didn’t want to get a “real job” and have to “produce”.
Say What? I thought a Senator’s job was a real job, didn’t you?

Joe Chow says, “Get a real Job, January 2013!”

White House Stonewalling

White House staffers won’t answer questions about the Fast and Furious debacle that is costing lives, including Border Patrol officers! Why aren’t these people spending time in jail to encourage them to talk?

Joe Chow says, “Don’t mess with Texans, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or go to jail”

What will the Supremes decide about ObamaCare?

The Obamacare price has increased again to $17 Trillion. People keep finding “gotchas” in that huge damaging bill.

Joe Chow Says, “Taxpayers cannot afford Obamacare. Private industry can do better”.

Joe Chow says, “I will fight to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution.”

YOU Go JOE – It is CHOW TIME!     Visit www.chowforcongress.com