2013 DFW Thai New Year Festival (Songkran Festival)

By Asia World Media

Of all the many feasts and festivals in Thailand, the Songkran Festival is the most striking, for it is widely observed not only in country of Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos but also in the United States. Songkran is Thai traditional New year celebration usually toward the end of Spring or beginning of Summer.

Songkran is a Sanskrit word in Thai form which means the entry of the sun into any sign of the Zodiac. But the Songkran in this particular instance is when the sun enters the sign from Aries to Taurus. Its full name is Maha Songkran or Major Songkran but the Thai people call it simply the Songkran. 

Songkran is a fixable feast on the solar calender, similar to those of the Indian Holi Festival, the Chinese Lunar New Year, Vietnamese Tet and the Christian Festival of Easter. On Songkran Day, Thai people often offer food to the monks, decorated with many bright flowers and release animals such as birds and fish to pay homage to their ancestor. It is a time to visit their elders, pouring scented water or “Nam Ob” water on their palms as a sign of their love and respect while the elders in return wish the youngster good luck and prosperity.

In North Texas from April 26 through April 28, the Thai community celebrates the Songkran Festival with vibrant color, food, cultural dance, and Thai classical music. At the Buddhist Center of Dallas, many Monks, from the country Thailand, were flew in to blessed and give sermon chanting for this special occasion.

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