OCA Leadership Summit

OCA Leadership Summit at the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, TX

“Embracing the hopes and aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans since 1973”

Aspiring Asian Pacific American (APA) professionals interested in taking their personal and professional goals to the next level through leadership development and networking.

B3 is a professional and leadership summit is a program for aspiring APA professionals created to strengthen and build the OCA brand nationally and create a pipeline of future members.

Build, Breakthrough, Believe is the three-word mantra of the B3 program and are used as building blocks for the event agenda. Workshops and seminar topics range from personal branding to corporate success tactics and strategies.

Past panel discussions include: Defining the Layers= Life+ Passion+ Lessons, Succeeding in Today’s World, Uncovering Your iBrand, What’s Passion Got to Do with It? Speakers will be provided by OCA National Center. Food and beverage also provided by OCA National Center.

· To provide professional development opportunities and connections with APA networks in the local community:
· Chapter visibility in the community
· Opportunity to recruit new members
· Create closer connections with other APA organizations, businesses, etc.

· 45 Community members

Dallas Museum of Art Seventeen Seventeen Room

Registration with coffee, sodas, and snacks
Panel session: What’s Passion Got to Do with it?
This session focuses on defining your real passion points and fulfilling them, something you are familiar with.
Networking reception



Neena Newberry – For over seventeen years, Neena Newberry has been advising & coaching clients in midsize to Fortune 500 companies.
Donna Fujimoto Cole – Founded Cole Chemical over 30 years ago at the age of 27, divorced with a four-year old daughter and $5,000 from her saving. In 2010, her company’s sales are in excess of $70 million, providing chemicals & chemical supply chain management to a wide range of customers and industry.
Sandi Karrmann – Chief People Officer for YUM Restaurant International, based in Dallas, TX, and responsible for building and leading the Human Resources function.
Ramey Ko – Activist, Attorney, and Judge in Austin, TX. First Asian American judge in Austin Municipal Court (Travis County). Founded Asian Americans Initiative for the Obama Administration in December 2006.
Richard-Abraham Rugnao – Sr. Management of Government Relations and Global Diversity for YUM! Brands, parent company of A&W All American Food, KFC, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.


“After attending [B3], I experienced an immediate change of attitude. I feel more confident when expressing my opinion to my superiors and being extra prepared to meetings. Also, I am now actively seeking mentor and my own personal ‘board of directors.’”

“I honestly came in with no prior knowledge of OCA and just wanting to see Wong Fu Productions, but now I’m so glad I went [to the B3 Program]. It was inspirational and informative, and I actually want to intern for OCA here in DC.”

“Attending the [B3] event was life-changing for me. The entire day’s workshop and one-on-one discussions are what I needed at this period in my career with my professional development.”