200 Pounds Beauty (2006) Movie

A 2006 South Korean comedy film based on a Japanese manga, Kanna-San, Daiseikou Desu by Yumiko Suzuki. The literal meaning is ‘Being Beautiful is Agonizing.’ The story tells the tale about an overweight girl who undergoes extreme plastic surgeries to become a pop sensation.

Height, 1.69 meters and weight, 95 kilograms. These numbers stand for not only Hanna’s body size but also her social status in a society where looks matter. In order to realize her dreams of becoming a singer and have the courage to love the handsome Sang-jun, she decides to go under the knife and turns into the fairest of the fair..

The film was a financial success, earning approximately $45 million against its $4 million budget. It also received large critical acclaims, winning Grand Bell’s Best Actress for Kim Ah-jung and Best Cinematography together with nominations for Best Film and Best Director.

Kim Ah-jung
Ju Jin-mo
Kim Yong-geon
Song Dong-il
Lim Hyeon-shik
Lee Han-wi
Kim Hyeon-sook
Park No-shik

Directed by  
Kim Yong-hwa
Written by   
Kim Yong-hwa
No Hye-yeong
Suzuki Yumiko