Thursday, April 15

Fist of Dragon

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Title:  Fist of Dragon

Starring:  Fiona Xie, Henry Thia, Wang Xiao Chen, Michael Chuah

“Fist of Dragon” tells the story of Uncle Chen, a coffee shop owner who has been facing many hardships posed by the local gangsters. Uncle Chen tries to seek financial help from his brother, and his brother, sends his only son, Jie instead to help Uncle Chen. The people there prefer to mind their own business, and the neighborhood are uncooperative, and thus, allowing the local mobsters to be in control of the town.

Instead of helping, Jie’s arrival causes more problems to Uncle Chen when Jie tries to fight off the gangsters, angering the gangsters further. Jie’s action soon brings the wrath of the triad and drags the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, Uncle Chen’s daughter, Lily is on the triad side, and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the two groups reach its peak.