HK Fashion2011

Title:  Hong Kong Fashion Week 2011
Source: gardeniadiary (Youtube)

Models took to the runway to display designs by Ika Butoni of Indonesia. The ‘Butterfly Momma’ show was part of the Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter in Hong Kong, China.
In this show, we have a role as visual jockey. We make the background video for the show.
Motion artist : Rizky a.k.a. Borne
Art director : Nugie

Source:  Lideedesignlifestyle (Youtube)

The twelve fashion design units which were finalists in Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ contest join a group of designers in fashion product and development, who are presenting their creativity of fashion with colours and fine garment texture of materials especially for Spring/Summer 2012 on the 4th of July, 2011 at HKCEC, the fashion show is demonstrated with the beauty of lighting, its colouring and reflecting on the stage, panels and a triangle shape of catwalk runway by KaCaMa design Lab of Lighting, specializes in products made of recycled materials. Special thanks to Sally, fashion models, fashion designers, product designers and the contributors, best wishes for success on their good work.
Special thanks to music composer by Avi Pilcer, cinematography and broadcast design by Milly Leung