Friday, April 16

Dallas 12th Annual Asian Health and Safety Fair

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Dallas 12th Annual Asian Health and Safety Fair

By Asia World Media

Asian Americans have been the fastest growing ethnic minority group in the United States, followed by Hispanics.   Asians have at times been stereotyped as the ‘‘model minority’’ because of their socioeconomic achievements and overall health status. This label is not true for all aspects of their health. Health disparities exists amongst Asian Americans, between the upper and lower socioeconomic ladder.  Trying to maintain good health and conducting a “Healthy Life” can be a struggle, especially for Asian Americans that fall into a category of either low income, little education, and for one with a language barrier.

On October 1st, 2011 in Dallas, TX , important aspects of a “Healthy Life” were presented in an educational atmosphere at the 12th Annual Asian Health and Safety Fair.  The event took place at the Dallas Asian Plaza (in front of Hong Kong Market), conducted by the Dallas Police Department and the Community Affairs (in their role as providing health and safety services to the Asian communities).

“The fair was a huge success because of the long lines of Asians arriving early to ask for medical assistance or just to get information from the law officers and the volunteers,” said Lieutenant Paul Thai, Investigate Unit at the DPD.

L to R:  Thanh Cung, Polly Flamigm, Kimberly Nam,
Miroslava Martinez, Ben Hidalgo, Eusup Kim

Those attending this year Asian Health Fair were able to get free flu-shots, eye and blood pressure check-ups, heart disease tests, and cholesterol screenings.   Learning about safety, tips, medical services, and how to properly communicate with law enforcement for help, was a side benefit for the fair participants.

Volunteers for the fair included the Dallas Police Department, Community Affairs and Translators, like Kimberly Nam, Thanh Cung, Polly Flamigm, Eunsup Kim, Miroslava Martinez and Ben Hidalgo. Each group brought with them information, and invaluable tips from many years of experiences, to share with those attending the health fair.

In addition, Law Enforcement Officers provided educational information that improved community relations and trust.

“Vast amount of medical services, educational displays and presentations were available for visitors.  We also provided cultural understanding.” said Kimberly Nam, Fair Coordinator.  “The committee is very thankful to all the volunteers for their time and dedications. We appreciate those who visited the event.”

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