Tuesday, September 21

First-time Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai

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2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai. Photo by Getty Image

2017 — is the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — held in Asia.

  2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai – model Sui He. Image by Getty

2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show model Liu Wen. Image by Getty / Frazer Harrison

The lingerie giant “Victoria’s Secret” is making headways into China.  For the first time in its 22-year history, the most bedazzled, spectacle 40-minute fashion show in the world, took place on November 20th in Shanghai, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. The annual show features the world’s leading leggy fashion models, with famous singers, and elaborate set design based on various themes.  Divided into six themes, the show featured 55 models in 87 looks. One of the themes was inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain.  The Victoria’s Secret show is likely to set a record in viewership this year, as for the first time it is scheduled to be broadcast on three of China’s most popular video portals, along with the brand’s exclusive telecast partner, CBS, in the United States.

“Ni hao, China!”

One of the biggest runway event of the year, dubbed the “Super Bowl of Fashion,” where advertisements are in the guise of entertainment with scantily clad models, trussed up in feathers, donning elaborate lingerie with Swarovski crystals, corsets, and costumed bras, paired with towering thigh-highs and stilettos, Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has become the most-watched fashion event in the world and with it, big business.  Victoria’s Secret, is an American retail fortune (2016 revenue: 7.7 Billion).

2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show model Wang Yi. Image by Getty.

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